I started to make models in scale 1:5.

The pattern of the design is based on the big five personality traits, plus one, because there is always something subconscious. So I have chosen a square with the size of 45x45cm (standard high of a stool) and divided it into 5 different rectangular pieces. The idea behind the different sizes is based on the big five personality traits. Every person is made out of different amounts of:

Openness to experience


Each object is arranged in a slightly different way. Each object has different faces. You have to look carefully at them if you want to understand them.

You can turn them around, arrange them in different ways, build them up. There is no up or down.

Every object is unique.
There is also a limitation of objects. My aim is to make 23 objects in 23 days.


Mixture of colours

Colours are important for the first impression. Each object has a different colours. They are all mixed.

Colours are like resemblance with your relatives. Nearly everybody can see it, sometimes it is hidden but you can find it. Sometimes i put the colour inside the objects, so you canĀ“t see them from every point of view.