One object – three functions.

Imagine, you buy one object and you can use it in three different ways. One day you use it as a napkin ring, the other day as an eggcup or you arrange them in different shapes and sizes of candleholders.

You don’t have to buy a pack of 4 or 6 or even 8 pieces, you can choose every object on your own and decide if you want to remain on one colour or mix different colours together.

By choosing the amount, the colour and the arrangement of the objects the costumer of “ONE TO THREE” is a part of his final product. 
The main idea behind this product is that the unique pieces get even more incomparable through different mixtures and settings.

During the week in Montalcino I would love to focus on multifunctional objects and figure out different shapes based on the waste of marble. The aim is to produce a multifunctional object with as less tools and steps as possible.

For example:
How could it look like?

Same idea- two possible ways of production and appearance:

Dress the cylinder of the marble waste on two sides that the circle receives two secants. Drill a whole with a diameter of 35mm in the middle of the object and cut it into slices and drill again a second whole into each slice and mix and match different colours as you want.

Cut the natural marble slab into similar squares and drill two different wholes in the slab. At least one side of the square should be rough and natural broken that you can see the natural beauty of the marble.