I went to the Visiting Practionier Talk at the Lecture Theatre at Wilson Road. The guest was Sebastian Bergne, a British Industrial Designer who is based in London.

He showed us lots of different projects of his work. He told us about the importance of colour, material and shape. Was very interesting and inspiring.

After the talk we went to our exhibition. He gave us a very good feedback of our projects.

At first it was hard form him to understand the project, so I definitely have to find an easier explanation for the project, if it is too complex than it is confusing and not interesting for the people.

I should try to reduce the number of components and use them all, maybe as application, but every object should contain the same pieces of material in various arrangements.

The next improvement proposal was to show the connections of the wood, otherwise it looks like clean architecture and this is not my aim.

Should try to use round wood as well, for example he told me about the stool from Marx Bill. He said the special thing on that stool is the round wooden pole. And if I´m using brackets I should always arrange them as a rectangular, otherwise it is too confusing for the viewer.