12.01.17_2bI tried different ways of colouring the surface of wood. Therefore I used one colour and different amounts of water.

mask sth. of
colour just the edges
press two surfaces together with colour inside
shades of colour

I was interested in the different outcomes by using just one colour.


An inspiring Designer using coloured wooden surface for furniture:

Michael Marriott a British furniture and product Designer has designed a plywood stool for fashion brand Paul Smith. Comes boxed and flat-packed in five parts with four zip ties. Each of the 100 limited stools is individual with a hand-finished and colorful geometric screen-print. His aim was, that the stool fits into the modern daily life - easy to move, construct or deconstruct.



The inspiration of Marriotts stool is the use of screen-print. Silkscreen on wood is an other option to color the wood. Maybe with color blocking. Different shades of one color should be printed on wood. I will try this next week in the silkscreen studio in Camberwell.