At the Collection Displays Material and Objects exhibition at Tate Modern I saw the fabulous sculpture by Richard Tuttle an American postminimalist artist.

“System VI, White Traffic brings together materials with different shapes, textures and colours, highlighting their variety in one carefully composed structure.

Richard Tuttle works across painting, sculpture, drawing, assemblage and poetry, creating unique and varied artworks that defy classification. One constant in Tuttle´s work is a curiosity about materials, leading him to experiment with their physical properties as well as with their meaning and role in everyday life. Here, for example, wood, clay, foam, Spandex mesh and an aluminium sheet cut into a geometric pattern, are held together with steel cables, bolts and nails in a seemingly haphazard construction. Some of these elements are painted black, white or with bright colours, and a bulb crudely hangs from above.”

By Walking around the sculpture I could see lots of different components and relationships of the different materials and colours.