At the end of the 2nd term the MA Designer Maker are always making a work in progress show. This means a show where all students of the Designer Maker course are exhibition their work, but not the finished work rather the work in progress. The aim is to inform the people what we students are doing and make them curious about the final projects, which will be exhibited in July.

We managed the whole show on our own, with help from the tutors. We build shelves, arranged the work and made posters for the event.

I exhibited my models, an explanation of the work and the prototype. The models are on the shelf with the explanation on the wall. In front of the shelf on the floor is my object. I used black electrical tape for making rectangles with the same sizes of the different sides of the object on the floor. The reason for the tape on the floor is to show the visitors that they can turn around the object.

IMG_1174 IMG_1190