year: 2017
design: deskorganizer
client: Matter of Stuff
in cooperation with Arturo Soto


With Deskcape the evolution of the desktop is going backwards to a personalized one, a desktop with your own story and an imposing landscape.
Deskcape is a space organizer for office and working environments that generates a unique and sophisticated atmosphere; an elegant landscape with your own story and personality.
A stationary set made out of two formidable yet alluring materials; A dark core of marquina marble and the strength and beauty of stainless steel & brass. The elegance of the marble’s naturally grown patterns represent the ancient and sacred elements of the sculpture; this creates a perfect dance with the precise and alluring sobriety of the seamless metal. Immaculate elegance meets imposing character.

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At a time when our worlds are becoming increasingly virtual and making is literally out of our hands, here the mission is to reconnect with stuff.


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